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I'm a dutch IT Professional managing IT projects for companies of all sizes around the globe

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I'm a dutch IT Professional managing IT projects or departmens for companies of all sizes around the globe. Eventhough I was trained as a IT engineer, I started my carreer as a programmer. After working on different projects I knew 60+ hours behind the pc in a week wasn't my futere. I needed more contact with customers and loved to explain in normal (non-technical) language how a specific technical solution is best for a customer. So I applied for a job in System enginering and from there I grew into (project) management and IT Consulting.

Personal Information

  • Name : Debbie van der Wal - van Berghem
  • Experience : 15 Years
  • Phone : +31 6 288 54 977
  • Email : debbie@nexusoft.nl
  • Home base : Hoevelaken, Netherlands
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In over 15 years of experience my skillset changed due to technical changes and ofcourse personal development. Below an overview of the most important in my current skilset

IT Management
Project Management
System Administration


During all these years i've build up a wide range of experiences. My strenght is translating difficult technical problems into understandable language. This is a usefull skil for Project and IT Management.

Technical knowledge

During my work on different projects, for a diverse group of companies i've come in contact with a lot of Hardware, Software and other solutions. Here an overview of my knowledge


Software                     more_vert


Microsoftclose MCSE

For over 15 years my focus is on Micrsoft Software for OS and application. Starting from client devices, to servers and cloud solutions. I have knowledge of Windows Server, Hyper-V, Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, Powershell, Azure, Office and more.


Software                     more_vert

MSP Solution

Autotaskclose MSP Solution

Autotask is a complete solution for MSP (managed service provider). From CRM to contract management, From ticketing to RMM. I've done training at Autotask Netherlands an implemented and advised on the solution for customers.


Software                     more_vert

MSP Solution

Solarwindsclose MSP Solution

As an MSP (Managed Service Provider) tools will make automate repeating jobs. Solarwinds has a powerfull solution in Monitoring and Managing devices. I've worked with Solarwinds MSP (formaly GFI) an N-ABLE/N-Central.


Networking                     more_vert


Ciscoclose CCNA

Since my work as Project Manager my certification is expired. But offcourse that doesn't mean that basic knowlegde isn't available. In my experience it's important as an (project) manager to have a wide basic knowledge of different products. In that way important decicions a made on propper foundation.


Networking                     more_vert

JunOS / ScreenOS

Juniperclose JunOS / ScreenOS

Configuring Security Gateways, Switches and more. During 10 years Juniper was the main brand I worked with.


Networking                     more_vert

Wi-Fi, Routing, Switching

Ubiquiticlose Wi-Fi, Routing, Switching

Last couple of years Ubiquiti came in to view. It's powerfull, easy to configure and even easier to extend. Currently this is the standard networking equipment I implement for small and medium sized businesses.


Hardware                       more_vert

Servers, Workstations & Networking

HPclose Servers, Workstations & Networking

During 10 years my main focus was on HP Hardware. Servers, Workstations, Printers and networking devices.


Software                       more_vert


Filemakerclose Databases

I've started working with filemaker for custom applications used by customers, who wanted full control and flexibility in their application. I've developed multiple database driven application in Filemaker and helped customers to update their databases.


Software                       more_vert


Webdevelopmentclose Programming

My carreer started as a Webdevelopper. I used PHP, (D)HTML, Javascript, XML, XSL an VB sript in the early years. Programming is still a usefull skill and often used for converting data or building (small) middleware.